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TechSoft Technologies is an industry leader in providing clients with successful business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Our outsourcing portfolio includes: Portfolio Management...

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Customer Experience Management is the bedrock of our philosophy and business strategy. In essence, we are genuine not generic custodians of our client’s brand...

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We build quality partnerships and use our operational expertise to create value for our customers, employees, and vendors. The core purpose of our organization...

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We are a leading global business services provider of customer experience management

Techsoft Technologies offer both B2B and B2C outsourcing services for a variety of industries. Our call center services include offshore Inbound &Outbound services.We represent our clients in front of their customers to offer best of the customer service experience. Our solutions leverage your business with cutting-edge innovation that enables you to meet your business goals in a more optimized manner.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that helps your business plan deeper, transparent and better optimized customer connections and experiences- from strategy development through execution. Customer Experience Management is the bedrock of our philosophy and business strategy. Our solutions portfolio is designed to make your company and its brands relevant to your customer’s life.


We are your trusted partner in Business Process Management.

TechSoft Technologies provides Marketing Process Outsourcing and Sales Process Outsourcing services for its clients who have the capability of producing/ manufacturing high standard services/ products but has limited knowledge/ budgets to create and handle a separate in-house marketing or sales team.

We simplify your business processes.

We make processes uncomplicated. We conceptualize, develop, design unique process for each client. We design process to cut down on your business costs and to improve the efficacy of the marketing& sales process. Our Marketing Process consist of analyzing marketing opportunities, researching and selecting target markets, designing marketing strategies, planning marketing programs and implementing the marketing effort.